Whitefriars Designer Names Though The Years.

These are some of the designers names whom worked at Whitefriars Glassworks though the years. these will be mentioned though out this blog,( in abbreviations ) the examples are below.

Geoffrey Baxter. ( GB)
William Wilson. ( WW)
Barnaby Powel ( BP )
Harry Dyer. ( HD)
Harry Powel. ( HP)
Marriott Powel. ( MP)
William Butler ( WB)
Tom Hill ( TH )
James Hogan (JH )
Albert Tubby (AT )
Bernard Fitch (BF )
Peter Wheeler (PW)


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Deceptive Drunken Bricklayer Vases.


Drunken Bricklayer Vases are very popular and being so make it worth while for the (Unscrupulous copiers of certain art glass to make ) i hope this little bit of information in photos & added links will help those of you whom intend to purchase one of these iconic vases designed by Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Glass Company. I would like to thank the kind members of http://www.whitefriars.com/ for their work in bringing this to our attention, you can click the link above to find more information.
Above you will find my own attempt in photo's to show you the difference between a fake and a genuine Drunken Bricklayer Vase. I have added some talc powder to highlight the dimples and the pattern sequence, the first photo shows you the vases laying on their backs where you can see both the dimples and the bases. ( we are viewing from bottom photo to top )
The Kingfisher Blue on the left is the genuine vase note the dimple pattern differs of that of the fake green vase on the right also the base of  the genuine vase is ground out and polished were as the fake vase as a ripple effect.
The second photo shows the vases standing upright in this photo notice the clear glass at the bottom of the squares the green one shows more clear glass than the blue original one and again you get a better view of the dimple pattern.
The third photo shows the vases from the rear take notice of each square and how they differ from one another.
The fourth and finale photo is a close up of the bases showing how the genuine Kingfisher Blue vase as been finsihed off with being ground out and polished while the base on the green fake vase as a crude ripple effect & as a letter V to show that it is a (FAKE/COPY) there are some that do not have this V so are made to deceive outright from the start. To learn more on this pattern of vase and others that are being COPIED for immoral gain please click the link below the title.

It is always best to purchase from a genuine seller of which there are many. You will find my other blog where i sell genuine Whitefriars Glass only or your money back. which can be found by clicking the link below or typing the address in to google or your browser.

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